Don’t know how on earth this happens but it seems I may have Swine Flu.
I am one of the least sociable people I know, I don’t leave the house unless I have to and I much prefer my own company to the company of others so I would have thought I’d be one of the last people to get this.
I started feeling abit iffy on Monday, by Tuesday night I was sneezing and coughing and aching all over. Today much the same but aching more.
I thought I had better ring the doctor to be on the safe side. I was told the doctor would ring me back to check my symptoms but to try to get someone else to take Little K to school. Well doctor rang back, went over symptoms and the only one I don’t have is a temperature of over 38c…mine is just over 37c. I do keep going hot and cold though and really clammy.
As I am not on the at risk list with no other health problems I should be fine with just rest, lots of water and paracetemol. If I feel worse I need to ring back for an anti biotic prescription which someone else will need to pick up for me.
The bit I was most worried about was if I was safe to go out anywhere and the doctor said no….house quarantine for 7 days.
As far as I can tell, as I am fairly healthy, to me it will just feel like a bad cold but if I was to pass it on to other people it could be alot worse for them especially if they have other health issues. As the main place I go is to drop off and pick up Little K from school I was worried about pregnant women and small babies so it is a good job I had rung to ask.
I had to ring the doctor back as I had forgotten to ask about the kids and school…they are safe to go to school as long as they show no symptoms.

I think I may have to order some merino roving for dyeing to make myself feel better.


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2 Responses to OINK!

  1. desiree66 says:

    I am a quiet reader of your blog and i am sad with this message.Get well better soon !!!gr Désirée

  2. Lucy says:

    hope you feel better soon. We had it last week and had a rubbish few days but it gets better!

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