Dyeing roving.

I much prefer dyeing roving to sock wool. I have no idea what will happen and I find that liberating, especially as people have a tendancy to label me a control freak. Plus as everyone prepares and spins differently, no two pieces of roving would look the same spun by different people.

Sock wool can have a tendancy to pool when knitted and although I don’t mind that in a wool I have dyed myself as it just adds to the uniqueness, other people may not be too pleased. So unless I knit every skein of sook wool I dye into the pattern the recipient wants to use how can I know how it will look? I think sock wool dyeing would be better suited staying as a home hobby for me, especially looking at all the beautiful colours that are out there already dyed.

I dyed this merino roving last week with red and yellow, although I have no clear idea of what I am doing I have loved every piece of roving I have dyed so far and this was no exception.

So could dyed roving be the way for me to make some money???
I am going to buy some more this week with a view to dyeing and maybe selling it. I thought that if I dye 2 lots the same and spin 1 up so I can see how it looks it might give me a better idea if it is sellable or not. Now…Etsy or Folksy? I already have a shop on Etsy which I haven’t opened yet but maybe Folksy might be the way to go. Less traffic but also less competition….I just don’t know.

I have to have something sellable first though, maybe I am trying to run before I can walk. What do you think????


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One Response to Dyeing roving.

  1. BabyLongLegs says:

    Go for it….get a Folksy shop :)What's the worse that can happen??S xXx

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