Angry rant time….

Sorry, no knitting content.

Have you ever got so angry that you want to punch something ( or someone ) but you don’t because you are basically a nice person. That is just how I am feeling, still from Monday….I will tell you the story.

I have a friend who is doing her GTP ( general teaching practice ) at a school close to me ( we shall call her Gail ( as it’s her name )). I have another friend ( called Sarah ) who is a teaching assistant at that school for 15 hours a week. Gail has been monitored all the time she has been there and was placed there as part of her training, come September she is out in the big bad world of Newly Qualified Teachers and has to find a job. That said she is obviously applying for every teaching job going. Sarah went up to her on Monday and said ‘ have you got a job yet ?’ Gail replied ‘no’, to which sarah said ‘ oh, thats another one on the dole then’. Please tell me if you think this woman is a complete and utter bitch.

This is the same woman who constantly tells me I need to lose weight, once in front of alot of other people!!!! I’m a UK size 14/16. Also constantly gets on my back because I’m a stay at home mum with 3 kids and she works 15 hours a week with 1 child. She constantly says things like ‘oh, I can’t sit down and watch daytime TV all day like you’ Yeah, as if, chance would be a fine thing. She also loves saying to me ‘ you have too much time on youyr hands, you need to get a job ‘ and I mean this is at least once a week.

I am absolutely sick of it now and I will call her on it next time. It’s always said in front of other people but it does make me re evaluate my life. don’t get me wrong my life is fantastic….for me! It would probably drive other people mad. Mr K works alot and we agree that I will be at home for the kids, we owe no money to anyone and claim no benefits….not even child tax, working tax, ema because he earns too much. We have 1 car as I don’t drive and we don’t go on expensive holidays so how my life would be better with a job I have no idea.

Going back to my origional rant about my friend, I felt so bad for her that Sarah could be so nasty in front of others. I felt worse for gail than I do when she does it to me. Gail has put herself through University for 4 years while working full time to pay the bills and mortgage as well as being a fantastic single mum….oohhh I am still so cross.

Of course when I get so mad I clean, Mr K now thinks Sarah is his best friend as the house is spotless. I just don’t get why people have the need to be so bitchy for no reason, of course my common sense says I should pity her as her life is obviously not as fantastic as she likes to make out and bitchiness is often down to jealousy.

Rant over, knitting posts will resume shortly…I have just turned the heel on both the socks so they will be done soon.


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One Response to Angry rant time….

  1. Cinders says:

    well I have to agree with you on this one. your friend is very bitchy indeed! I’m a stay at home mum and always met people who undermined me and made me feel small, uninteligent etc, so I cast them off. Also stand up to this awful person. its your choice to do with your life as you see fit. its non of her business. good luck with her.BTw your knitting is gorgoeus. love the feb ladies sweater

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