Upside down no purl monkeys.

Originally uploaded by knittywittywoo

I have resisted doing monkeys of any sort as everyone seems to have a pair. Resistance is futile, everybody will one day knit a pair.
I am trying to just knit socks with a pattern although a nice plain pair is a must to have on the needles for easy knitting.
These are so simple to knit.
I chose the no purl pattern as I had just finished lady february and didn’t want to purl again so soon. The wool is from e-bay and as I wasn’t sure of yardage they were again knit toe up with upside down heel. I didn’t alter the pattern so that is also upside down, just to make them a little bit different from the rest.
Although I resisted monkeys for so long, it is such a great pattern that I am sure there will be more in my future, maybe proper monkeys and there is also a staggered monkey pattern. decisions, decisions….


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I craft, any craft will do.
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