Spring Forward.

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These are a birthday gift for my friend Gail. ( 24/02 ).
She has already seen them as she has tiny size 4 ( UK ) feet and they needed trying on before I did the toe decreasing.
I will definately be doing this pattern again for myself as it’s such an easy pattern to do, love the easy patterns.

I have started Marlene socks by Cookie A for my mum’s mothers day gift. As her name is Marlene these seem the obvious choice. The pattern is available in the fall/winter 08 issue of knit 1.

When the designer says 2.75mm needles they actually mean that, not put it on 2.5mm and hope for the best. After 2 pattern repeats I had to frog as they only measured 3″ across which would have given 6.5″ I imagine at best. I have cast back on with 3mm needles as I think 2.75 mm would still be abit tight, plus I don’t have any.
I find this pattern quite hard to start off so if they don’t get done mum will have a pair of Spring Forward socks instead.


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