Ruth’s 40th birthday gift.

Ruth 40
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These were finished, not on time which would have been Friday but finished by Saturday night. Feeling so ill last week and having 3 days not being able to knit threw me abit off schedule.
They are now with Ruth and when she came to visit yesterday they were on her feet.
Adriafil is usually a really quick knit and I love watching the pattern’s appear. Without intention these are alomost a match stripe wise.

E.T.A Patty, you left a comment asking what this was, sorry I couldn’t find a way to contact you but it is knitcol by adriafil. I can’t remember the colourway but they do lots of lovely different stripey yarn. It’s a DK so knit’s into socks quick.


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One Response to Ruth’s 40th birthday gift.

  1. Patty says:

    I just adore these socks! I know you said the yarn is Adriafil, but can you be more specific? I’d love to make a pair for a friend.

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