Crocheted dishcloths.

I had forgotten how much I love making dishcloths until last night when one of mine gave up the fight to live.
They last forever ( almost ). First they live in the kitchen and clean the surfaces, then when they start looking abit sorry for themselves they become bathroom cloths and help me clean there. Once their time is nearly over they go and live in the garage and become general cleaning cloths.
They are so fast to do and so much better than shop bought cloths, plus friends would look at me as if I were mad if I tried to give them shop bought cloths but they do appreciate home made ones.
Alot of mine were given as extra Christmas gifts, thats why I will probably have to be on a dishcloth frenzy for a while.
I have just crocheted the ‘waffle weave’ ( pattern on rav, I will try to link later ). Very quick, took me about 1.5 hours and a very thick cloth. I did it on a 5mm hook but I will try 4.5mm next time.

On sock news….now 4 on the needle. The one I was thinking of frogging is off the needle, not frogged I just needed the needle but I think it will be frogged.


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One Response to Crocheted dishcloths.

  1. Sandi says:

    Found your post while searching for crocheted dishcloths. Yours sound about like mine as far as how they are used as they get older. I love mine and would NEVER go back to store bought! Love making them too – they are so easy.

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