I can’t seem to settle to much at the moment. I have started knitting the Spring Forward socks again this afternoon, blindly going onto the heel flap. I knit it over 33 stitches which is half the sock. The heel is worked over 30 stitches or 31 I forget which but definately not 33.
I usually do my heels on 31 stitches, decrease down to 30 for the heel turn as my socks are normally 60 stitches in total. I then do my favourite heel, k19,ssk turn. Sl1,p8,p2tog,turn. Sl1, k8,ssk,turn. My brain won’t work today and I cannot work out how to incorporate the extra 2 stitches into the turn. My mind tells me it will be k20 on the first row as then the extra stitches will be at either side of the turn. Argghh that is probably what I will do and if it doesn’t work I’ll fudge it.

My concentration levels should be back up tomorrow when my ‘headache’ re.MIL is flying back home to Cyprus. I have found that 2 large glasses of Bailey’s stops me wanting to kill certain people.

If you can read an obvious mistake in my heel turning ability please let me know.


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One Response to Unsettled.

  1. Elisa says:

    Can’t help you with the sock heel, but can commiserate re MIL’s. Mine can’t travel anymore which is a mixed blessing ’cause now we have to go to her. Hang in there. Only 1 day to go! Love all your woven scarves. Any chance of seeing a photo of the new loom? Have you named him or her yet?

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