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My Husband very kindly bought me an Ashford rigid heddle weaving loom for Christmas. It is HUGE. I went for the 32″ one including stand and it is massive. I have been busy making scarves ever since. 2 of these have since been given away as Christmas gifts.
There is a photo in the bottom of some of my handspun as I have done 6 scarves but the last is for eldest daughters 17th birthday gift and although I don’t think she reads mums blog ( too uncool ) I would hate the surprise to be spoilt so the photo of that will be put in later.
It is so easy to use the rigid heddle, the first time I warped up took me an hour but I can now do it in 15 minutes for a scarf width ( 48 ends ). Daughters scarf was warped yesterday at 4pm and finished and soaking by 8pm, so quick. This will be brilliant for next years gift list.
My 5 year old son came home last year on a Friday before Christmas and said can you make a start on Mrs ****** ( teaching assistant in his class ) socks as I’ve told her they will be ready next week. I do not know Mrs **** shoe size and she was not on the list of gift knitting but my lovely son thinks I can just knit to his orders. Next year….woven scarves all round!!!

As well as being instant gratification weaving is alot of fun and it’s interesting to see how the difference is in yarns I usually use for knitting. These scarves are incredibly soft and light, they use very little yarn so great also for the credit crunch.


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  1. aija says:

    Awesome! I just finished a 12′ (!!) scarf for myself, now to warp for another… 🙂 Happy weaving in the new year!

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