Daisy Chain Mitts.

Originally uploaded by knittywittywoo

Over Christmas I made these mitts. It’s a really easy pattern that I will write up in full in the next couple of weeks.
If you are up on mitt knitting you may be able to decipher the pattern from this.

Cast on 64, knit 10 rounds in 2×2 rib then 2 rnds knit.
Start pattern….


Rnd 1 p2tog rep

Rnd 2 K1, P1 in each stitch rep

Rnd 3,4,5 and 6 K

I will write the pattern out fully to include the thumb but if you an ok mitt knitter you can probably work that out without me.

I ended on rnd 6 and then did 2×2 rib for 10 rnds at the top.

Gosh writing patterns out would be so easy if I could leave all the hard bits like thumbs out.


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