A happy new year to everyone and I hope a good Christmas was had by all….except here where we all had the nonovirus sickness bug..uurrgghh.
It started the Thursday before Christmas and went through the whole family until the Monday after Christmas. I have never felt so bad. The virus leaves you feeling so tired and drained and I didn’t even have energy to knit!!!!!

Nicer news…Hubby bought me a 34″ rigid heddle ashford loom and stand for Christmas and it is brilliant. I have woven 5 scarves on it so far.

I have also designed a pair of fingerless mitts called Daisy Chain which the pattern will be written out and available ( along with photo’s ) sometime next week once the kids are back at school. I will also try to get the pattern written out and available for Kyra fingerless mitts, there is a pic of those o my Ravelry page.

On the needles at the moment I have a pair of toe up socks with a panel of lace running up the outside edge of the foot, I am contemplating making them a fold over top with the lace going all the way round but we’ll see whan I get there.
I have also started another jumper, a top down raglan this time although I am only 5 rows in so don’t get excited.

On the loom is nothing but there are plans to have it weaving some gorgeous Mirasol ( I think it was ) that I saw last week but didn’t buy. This will hopefully be a scarf for eldest daughters birthday for when she turns 17 next Wednesday.

Thats it for now I think, I am still thinking over new year resolutions so a list will go up when I have decided what is actually do-able, ost of them seem fibre related. I do know that I plan to give no purl monkeys a go this year, I seem to be the only person not to have made a pair.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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