This is really bugging me now…

Right we have a major disagreement going on in our house at the moment.

John Lewis Christmas advert

Is this Paul Mccartney singing?
I say it is because his voice is so distinctive but Hubby ( who knows everything )says it’s not as Paul Mccartney wouldn’t need to do adverts. I do realise that it is a Beatles track but Hubby doesn’t believe it’s actually him singing.
I have googled it all morning but I am no closer to an answer ( being right ha,ha ).

Please, please put me out of my misery.


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2 Responses to This is really bugging me now…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Here is the answer you seek…You've probably recognised the ad soundtrack, the 1963 Lennon & McCartney song "From Me to You", which was the Beatles' first number one in every published music chart. It seemed very appropriate for the theme of the campaign, though we've reworked it to give it new twist. Among the singers is Matt Spinner, a John Lewis Partner and a member of our Music Society.found this info at the below website

  2. Thank you.I had found that info after googling all morning.I recognised the song but wondered if the singers they had were sounding like McCartney.Who’d have thought that John Lewis had a music society!

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