Fleece love….

When I had my spinning lesson at the end of last year I was given a cheviot fleece. It has been in the garage since then.
Last week I bought some hand carders.
I am now carding and spinning fleece.
I have also been given quite abit more.
I now have a black welsh mountain fleece,
some beautiful cream curly fleece, I don’t know what this is from but it is gorgeous and 3 more cheviot fleeces.
I am going to be soooo busy.

This is a small skein from my first carded fleece. It’s abit of brown ( possibly jacob?) and some white that a friend collected from the moors. I figured I would start with this first.
I love it, carding is so relaxing.

21 grams, 39 yards and 9wpi.

This is just how proud I am of it ( or how sad I am ).
I have knitted a key ring sock from the spun fleece. The same stitch count and needle size thaat I use for the key rings. This has turned out bigger as the wool is thicker.
The idea is that If I do a key ring sock from each spin I will be able to see if I am improving.

Then and this is the sad bit, I have framed it with a small skein and a peice of each fleece. There is also a label inside the frame saying it is my first spun fleece, june 2008, 21 grams, 39 yards, 9wpi.

I was going to hang it in the corner of the room where my wheel lives but Hubby says I should be proud of it and has hung it on the fire place in the centre of the room.


About Tracey.

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