Here are the latest socks. I think these have been the quickest I have knitted.
These were started Saturday afternoon and finished on Monday night and we were out all day Sunday.
These were a dream to knit, they just flew off the needles.
The yarn is ‘fruit salad’ which is in a previous post. This was my first attempt at dyeing with sugarflair cake dyes. I am so pleased with how bright they have turned out.

The yarn in the post below is actually on the needles, I have done the cuff and the heel of one sock and then decided I wanted to do them toe up so I can use all the yarn. That is why ‘fruit salad’ has been used.

I found a pattern that is toe up with a heel cuff so I wanted to try it out before frogging my handspun. I love this pattern. It’s Feet First by Debbie Tomkins. I’m sure it will come up with google, if not it’s on my Ravelry page.
It is so easy to do.

All I have to do now is frog half a handspun sock and start again.

Even though we were out all day on Sunday in Southport I managed to knit 2 more sock keyrings in the car. I am so glad that I can’t drive!!!


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