Sugarflair cake dyes.

I have been dyeing again.
This time with Sugarflair cake dyes.

They are brilliant. They come in a small tub, the ones I bought are a paste and they will last forever as I only needed a small bit.
I dyed the same as I do with kool aid.
Heres a quick breif on what I did…

Firstly I soaked the item in warm water with some salt and vinegar.
While it was soaking ( for about 1/2 an hour ) I mixed abit of sugarflair paste with hot water in different jars, making sure it dissolved completely.
Once the item was soaked enough I took it out the wayer and wrapped it in a towel to try to get most of the water out.

Laying it on a bin bag in the garage I then added the dye to the item.

I usually bake the item in the oven but I have now discovered steaming and that is now my preferred method.
I wrap the item in tin foil and place in the kitchen steamer ( I now have a different one for food ) for about 20 minutes.

Take out of the steamer (the foil will be HOT )and leave to cool then wash through and hopefully no colour will come out.

This is not a guaranteed method, it is just what I do to give you an idea.

Do try to keep contact to the item being dyed to a minimum to avoid felting.

This is some DK wool I dyed in the above method using pink and yellow to create stripes.

These last two pictures are BFL roving I dyed.
I am very pleased with them.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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