Leaving my comfort zone…

Time for a change.
My 5 year old son has worn through the heels on his favourite pink socks I knitted him. Once he finds out there will be tantrums. I have hidden them for now and decided it was time to learn the afterthought heel.
Of course I had to practice first on socks for me. Ha,ha…come to mummy lovely sockies.

This is the first pair that I did.

These are done cuff down with the heel stitches placed on waste yarn and then picked up again later. They feel abit snug across the ankle/instep but not tight. I am hoping they will loosen with wear.

This was definately stepping out of my comfort zone….
Toe up on a 80cm, 2.5mm circular needle using the magic loop method.
I find it abit slower than the 30cm circular I use normally but I enjoy it.
It will be handy for when I’m working out patterns as the instep stitches and sole stitches will be on seperate needles.

For the heel on this one I used a star toe.
I really like it and prefer it to the other where I did the standard toe decraesing at the edges. This feels more rounded and fits better, plus theres no grafting at the end. ( although I don’t mind that bit ).

Heres a closer look at the heel.


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One Response to Leaving my comfort zone…

  1. Kate says:

    That’s awesome! I haven’t tried that yet. My socks tend to rip out in the mid section of the bottom of the foot. Don’t know why and don’t think there’s any easy fix. Good job on your heel fix!

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