Seems to have worked ok……so far.

This is what the roving looked like before I started.

This is 100g dyed with 3 packets of orange Kool Aid. it didn’t seem to work as well as the pink so I sprinkled some purple on the top. It does look quite unusual now.

This is both the orange and the pink laid out on my makeshift roving drying device. It is some nylon netting stretched over a plastic storage box. It is on the dining room table now with the sun pouring through the window.

What worried me most about doing this was that I could felt the roving. It seems to be alright so far so I am hoping that I have managed to dye successfully. I am pleased with what I have done and really excited that I might soon be spinning it.

At the moment on the wheel I have 100g of Alpaca. I hated this at first as it has a short staple length and kept breaking. Now I have got used to that I am loving spinning it up. I am planning to wind from the bobbin to a centre pull ball on the ball winder and ply it all from that so I can use every little bit. As it is white I am then planning to dye it and hopefully use for socks ( of course ).


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One Response to Seems to have worked ok……so far.

  1. Cinders says:

    I think your roving looks good. it’ll be interesting to see how it knits up. Hope your cold has cleared up

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