Finished socks.

It does feel good to be doing socks again. These are lovely and feel really nice on the feet. I have quite a square toe though as I forgot the tip about using the crochet hook to pass over the 4 edge stitches before I knitchener.
This wool is gorgeous, it’s from Adriafil, colour 043. I have enough to make another 4 pairs. Yipee!!!

I have finally worked out how to put pictures on the laptop. As it is Vista my bluetooth wouldn’t work to upload from the mobile but today I remembered that I had another proper camera. I plugged it into the laptop ( chancing it as I cannot remember where the installation disc is ) and it asked me immediatly if I wanted to download the pictures. Yeah!!!! I can post pictures again.

Todays weather is absolutely horrible, hubby was late home last night as the wind blew some of the roof off the unit he is renovating next door to his. He worried all night in case the rest had blown off and the wind and rain got in and ruined all the painting they have done and all the electrics they have just wired in. Thankfully it all seems ok this morning.


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One Response to Finished socks.

  1. I love the colours of the socks. Funky feet!

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