Yipee some socks for me.
I had nothing on the needles or hook a week ago so I cast on for some socks for me. Just plain stocking stitch as I wanted something quick and mindless and I wasn’t up to following a pattern that day.
This wool was part of my Christmas around the world knitters swap gift. It is so soft. It’s Wildfotte sock yarn from Brown sheep and if I can find a stockist in the UK I will get some. It was so quick to knit up and there is plenty with 100g to make a pair of socks.

These socks are also for me.
It’s an Italian wool that my LYS has just started stocking. Adriafil is the make and it knits up lovely. It’s DK merino and knits up really quickly. I bought enough in every colour for socks so I had enough for 4 pairs. I got abit worried down the foot of this one that I wouldn’t have enough so went back and bought 2 more balls in this colourway. Seems I had enough after all so now have enough to make another pair like this one…..Lovely.

i don’t know what it is about sock knitting but I find I am most relaxed when I have some on the needle. I have given up on crochet socks. I finished the pair I was doing and started another, got down the foot and ripped it all out. I don’t like the feel of crochet socks on the sole of my foot so although they take me half the time ( 2 days a pair rather than the 4 days it takes for knitted ) it is a wasted 2 days if I don’t want to wear them afterwards….so knitted socks it is for me.


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  1. Elisa says:

    Your socks are lovely. I crocheted a pair with Wildfoot for Christmas a year ago and love them. Haven’t tried the Adriafil yet; I’ll have to see if I can find some at my LYS. Great colors!

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