Well, yesterday being Mothers Day we obviously had to get out of the house and have ‘fun’. So we went to Laptopsdirect and I got a laptop. I am now sat in the room playing on here as I have been most of the day. I am still trying to get used to it.

Little boy went back to school today (YIPEE!!!). He had all week off last week, don’t know what was wrong with him but he was so tired and fell asleep at all times of the day. It’s not like him at all, I’m glad he has gone back though as the times when he felt well he had a serious case of attitude.

I have finished the 3rd Sweet Pea shawl and I liked it very much, my Mum took it home with her on Saturday as an extra Mothers Day pressie, seems she liked it too.

I have cast on for some socks…knitted socks have lured me back. I was halfway through a pair of crochet socks but decided that I don’t like the feel of them under my foot so I’ve frogged that and cast on for a plain pair of knitted. I am obviously meant to be a sock knitter….that is all I have on the needle or hook at the moment and I am enjoying them so much.

Thats all for now, I will try to get some phots up later in the week.


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One Response to Laptop..

  1. I managed to finish my crochet socks but like you I must admit that I prefer the feel of knitted socks under the foot. However as I am in desperate need of socks I think that I will crochet another couple of pairs just to wear around the house as I am a bit slow with my knitted socks. Crochet socks may not be as good but they sure are quick to make ! Good luck with your new laptop. The family bought me a new desktop PC at Christmas and I am still finding my way around it.

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