Better photo.

As promised here is Eileen modelling my 2nd sweet pea shawl.
She has been named Eileen as instead of having 3 legs she came with 2 so has to ‘lean’ against things.
I think it shows the shawl off perfectly although I just cannot get the camera to pick the colours up properly.
It really is a jewel heaven with purple, green and blue.

Started the 3rd yesterday and got a third of the way through and then frogged.
I’m doing it in a grey and white merino tencel and I just wasn’t happy with it. I’ve had to go down a hook size from 5mm to 4.5mm. I’m happier now.

I need to get it finished for Friday so I can enter it for the Crafty Threads and Yarns monthly sock yarn draw. We have to make something out of sock yarn.

I have a poorly 5 year old home from school today, he must be ill as he has spent all morning in bed. A little playing on the nintendo DS but last time I looked in he was trying to go to sleep.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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2 Responses to Better photo.

  1. Are you going for your personal best record? 3 Sweet pea shawls in one month. Yeah for the Happy Hooker (I mean the book of course!)

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