Sweet Pea Shawl.

I so wish I could get back into knitting but at this point I think I must need the almost instant gratification that crochet brings me.
It is just so quick.

Here is the Sweet Pea Shawl from stitch n bitch book the happy hooker.

I love this pattern and once I had translated the stitches from US to UK it was fairly easy.
I only did 18 shells across the top though instead of 20 as it seems I cannot count to 203!!!

I started this Saturday morning and it was blocking Sunday afternoon.
It’s done in cotton in the book but as I am so awkward I did it in wool and then blocked it. It took 135g of this wool which was a charity shop buy on a cone so I have no idea of yardage. I still don’t know if to dye it or not.

The funny thing is that I don’t wear shawls or wraps but I cannot seem to stop making them. I love the delicate look of them but as I am over weight they just don’t look right on me.
Hopefully that will change this year when I can be bothered to get off my fat arse long enough to walk through the kitchen to the garage to use the gym.


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2 Responses to Sweet Pea Shawl.

  1. Anonymous says:

    HiI came across your site after searching for a chrochet kint shawl, i just cant find one i like then i saw the sweet pea pattern and i love it.However i do not kniw and wondered if you knew of anywhere that i could by them from ? or buy one from you? If you have seen the film Along came Polly with Jen aniston, she has a woolen shawl in that and that is the look im trying to find.Any ideas please?Thank you

  2. I too had trouble counting up to 203. I unravelled and re-did the first row so many times my yarn almost had no fluff left! I did manage it in the end. I think next time I would stop and give the shawl a squared off bottom edge as mine turned out to be a little long and pointy for me. So easy to make. I wish I had your charity shop as the ones in my neighbourhood keep telling me there is no call for knitting wool so they don’t sell it ! I keep asking them so why don’t they take it in for me next time!

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