Crochet craziness….

Here are my crochet gloves. I did these in an up and down pattern. Treble crochet and single crochet along then treble crochet in the single on the way back and single in the treble.
I then slip stitched the 2 sides together leaving room for my thumb, added a row of treble and a row of single through back of loop at both top and bottom. These are soooo warm to wear.
I thought they might be quicker to make than knitted gloves as I have had a request for 3 pairs of knitted gloves from a woman I know. I think she may get crochet ones instead.

Here is a simple scarf. It started as a swatch to see if I could do the pattern. I enjoyed it so much I kept going until I ran out of yarn.
It is Stylecraft life range but I cnnot find the ballband for the shade so lets call it ‘pink’.
The stitch used is Cross Over Long Double Crochet ( Treble in UK I think, thats what I did anyway ).
I like it…it reminds me of the knitted ‘my so called scarf’ but is alot quicker to do.

Here is a hat that I made up as I went along.
I found a nice pattern I liked for increasing on the top and then decreased to get the right fit. I then did rounds of treble crochet and finished with a few rounds of single crochet through the back of the loop.
I am really proud of this. I crocheted it in some mint green cotton I found in a charity shop.
I felt really pleased that I had ‘designed’ a hat and then 2 days later found one almost identical on the net.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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