Spinning lesson….

I had a phone call on Saturday night from the lady I had hoped would teach me to use my spinning wheel.
I am having a lesson on Friday 28th December!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited. I don’t know yet if it’s just the one lesson or an ongoing thing. She did say we would see how it goes as I might do better than I think I will do. She is also going to bring me some books I can borrow.

Unfortunately she also mentioned she has a wheel for sale.GRRRRRR I obviously need it, don’t know what it is but I need it. How do I sneak that past hubby????
I do have the feeling, quite genuinely that as much as I love my wheel it is not going to be good enough for proper spinning.( I know what I mean!!) I am planning to do this properly and I have spent weeks looking on the net for an actual course that I could take. I have searched art and design, textiles everything but I cannot find anything. I would love to say I am a qualified spinner.


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One Response to Spinning lesson….

  1. Craftybernie says:

    That’s wonderful!!! We’ve (that’s me and my very enthusiastic daughter) have been playing with the spindle I got for xmas from hubby.This is going to be so addictive.I’m saving my first ball of wool to record my progress but I have to admit that I’ve been itching to knit something with it. Not sure what yardage I’ve got though.. hmm.Anyway, congratulations on your first ‘real’ ball of wool! I will be watching your progress… especially as you’ll have been on the wheel by now.Take care & best wishes for 2008.Bernie

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