Look what I did…

This is 50g of the white and 50g of the brown that I bought from ForestFibre at e-bay. I cannot believe their delivery. I seem to order and then receive it within 1-2 days. They are really good. ( That is important when you have a husband you need to hide yarn from, I need to know that things will not be delivered at weekends when there is a chance he will see them!!).
Any way back to my WOOL.
I spun both colours and then wound them on my ball winder. I then put the 2 seperate balls on a large knitting needle shoved through a shoe box to make a lazy kate…I then spun them together, going anti clockwise this time and it turned to wool before my eyes.
Even my 15 year old daughter was impressed…’hey you’ve got proper wool’…after spending 3 days telling me ‘thats boring, why don’t you just go and buy wool’. Now she wants something knitted from it…errr…NO!

I was so pleased with myself. The above picture is what it looked like when I wound it from the spindle onto an old exercise machine to skein it. I worked out I have about 50.7 yards/46.4 metres.

I then let it lay in warm water with abit of softener and then hung it above the radiater to dry. I had to keep looking at it and touching it with a silly grin on my face.

Below is what it looks like now. I just have to wind it into a ball now and decide what to do with it. I was hoping for fingerless mitts but don’t know if the length will be enough although with it being quite chunky I should manage….or a plain hat!!


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One Response to Look what I did…

  1. Cassie says:

    It’s AMAZING! Congrats on learning something new & doing it so well right off the bat!

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