A roving I will go….

Another plug for ForestFibres!!!
200g of blue roving with coloured threads. This is absolutely gorgeous and so soft. I bought 200g on Monday morning with a new spindle as I should imagine you can never have enough spindles, anyway it came yesterday ( tuesday ). I think it was on the spindle before the postman was down the drive!!!
It is lovely. So lovely in fact that I got back onto e-bay and ordered the other 2 lots of 200g she had in stock. I will now have 600g to play with.

This is what it looks like on the spindle. I am trying to spin this abit finer than the last lot as I would love to be able to make a lacy scarf from it.
In the 200g bag there was abit extra ( about 50g extra!!!!) so it gives me abit of a chance to spin right. This is different to use than the first lot of roving I got, it’s alot softer and I’m hoping I do a good job with it.


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