On Sunday In York I was lucky enough to meet the woman from the village next to ours at a craft fair. ( What are the chances of that happening as we were miles from home! ).
I had bought a drop spindle from her stall the day earlier so had gone back to meet her. After she explained how to use it she gave me a lesson there and then.
Monday I ordered a top-whorl drop spindle from e-bay sellers ForestFibres and it arrived today. I got a top-whorl spindle and 50g each of white, black, brown and grey roving.

After reading the instructions and asking for help on Angel Yarns I set to work. The roving is alot easier to use than the wool I got at the fair. That felt more like sheep!!

This is how thin I have managed to spin it…purely by luck.

This is what it looked like as I started…

This is what it looks like on the spindle.

I think I have too much twist in it. I keep letting it spin back abit ( don’t know if I’m supposed to ) as it seems too twisty.
I have about 2 lengths from the white roving on here now and still loads to go.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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2 Responses to Spinning….

  1. Viknits says:

    That looks fine to me! Thoguh being a total novice myself that’s not much help really is it ;)It does look lovely though!

  2. I don’t spin at all, but I’ve seen it done with a drop spindle, and I think you’re doing extremely well for a novice!

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