Christmas knitting started.

I have started my Christmas knitting properly this week…..I can see this being an on going project until Christmas eve there is that much of it I want to get done.

This is a scarf in mistake rib pattern. It looks pink here but thats because of the sun, it is actually bright red. I think this is going to my nephew.
It’s a really easy pattern, the same on every row and is lovely to do. The effect it gives looks great.

This is seaweed scarf from decembers simply knitting magazine.
I love this and the effect. In the magazine it was knitted in green to look like seaweed but I didn’t have any green. I think the pink makes it look like coral.
I think this will be going to my neice, I might have to keep it though as I love it.


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One Response to Christmas knitting started.

  1. Paula says:

    The scarf looks lovely Tracy I, must admit I was tempted to do this one too but now I’ve seen yours I think I must definately give it a go and I think the pink does make look like coral which I much prefer to the seaweed, sounds much nicer to wear a coral scarf around your neck than a seaweed scarf *lol*

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