Finally some weight loss!!!
I am now down to 11 st 9 lb.
A grand total of 3 lb lost!!!!
Actually that is really good as I have decided that my scales hate me. They have just been showing random numbers between 11 st 10 lb and 12 st 2 lb. There was no point in me recording any loss before now as it just jumped straight back up again.
Last weekend I went from 11.11 to 12.2 and back down in 2 days.
From last Thursday I have had 2 Baileys cheesecakes, bacon and black pudding sandwich, chinese takeaway, indian takeaway and a large burger at burger king plus normal food. ha,ha, maybe my scales are broken!!
I decided at the supermarket yesterday that this week I would make the effort. I have now got cereal, yoghurts, fruit, salady stuff and weight watchers meals.
I am not doing weight watchers but I do count the calories and their boxes have the calories printed on them so I know how many I am eating.
The hardest part now is actually eating more to get a range of calories between 1200 and 1550 a day. Instead of just grazing all day on rubbish.

I have also just done 2 miles knitting on the treadmill so hopefully I can get back into that now too. Half term with the kids kind of spoilt that. There is no incentive to go in the garage and exercise while I know they will be wrecking my house and hubby has been coming home too late for me to do any then.

Anyway, back in to it and lets see what happens.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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