Another sock nearly finished…

The 1st sock to the 2nd pair for my son is almost finished. I just have to do the toe shaping now.
I did these on 2.5mm DPN’s, I have bought some 2.25mm ones now as I think they could have benefited from being knit abit tighter.
He loves his bright coloured ones so much that he slept in them last night and I had to prise them off him this morning for school. I don’t think they will fit in his school shoes as they are so thick and he had P.E this morning and I don’t think his pink and stripey socks would have been seen as suitable.
He can wear these new ones to school though once I have the pair finished.
I will have to do abit of cosmetic surgery to these. I have a hole at the top of the gusset that will need sewing up and I think I have picked up the stitches too loosely down the gusset so they might need abit of sewing in too. Hopefully it will make the sock stronger though so I am not too bothered about that.

I also have a pair for me on the go that could be finished today. I am over halfway down the foot of the 2nd sock. Yipee! a pair for me.


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