My new baby……

Isn’t she beautiful?
I have named her Daisy as she is going to be part of the family.

Yesterday was Baileys Cheesecake morning. It started as normal we went to the next village, parked up and I went to get some money.
My friend was in a high state of excitement!!!!!!
‘It’s fate we have come today!!!!’
There was a spinning wheel advertised in the paper shop window £40!!!!!!!
Of course I rang them straight away….no reply….leave a message….ok.
They rang me back later so I had to ring my friend who started all this madness to fetch me and take me over there as I don’t drive.

The result is that Daisy has been lovingly polished and is standing in my hallway looking lovely.

Hubby thinks I got an absolute bargain for £15 ( oops, I must have knocked off £25 while telling him the price…..naughty me!).

I have absolutely no idea what to do with her, apparently a lady in the next village gives spinning lessons.
I don’t know if she’s all there though ( Daisy not the lady, ha, ha ).
I cannot find her on the internet but have been told she’s a castle wheel possibly Irish.
The man who sold it me thought she was German.

Either way she’s beautiful just standing in the hallway until I work out how to use her.
Obviously it’s going to be easy, ha, ha. In no time I will be spinning, dyeing and knitting…the whole process.ha, ha, ha, ha.

Please leave a comment if you have any idea who Daisy is. I want to read up as much as I can about how she works before I attempt lessons. For now though I am content to just keep making the wheel spin round.

Is it just me thats totally mad to name my spinning wheel??????


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4 Responses to My new baby……

  1. Viknits says:

    Wow a spinning wheel!! THat was a bargain!!”I don’t know if she’s all there though ( Daisy not the lady, ha, ha ).”I had a chuckle, I thought you meant the lady!!

  2. rho says:

    well I don’t think you are mad naming the wheel – I am waiting for my new Ashford Joy to tell me her name. Daisy sure is pretty though I thought you meant the lady too LOL good lord that is the longest word verification ever – it is going to take me three tries I bet – (8 letters in case you were wondering)

  3. She’s GORGEOUS!COngratulations on the newest addition to your family, and NO, you’re not mad for naming her… I name everything (car, suitcases, etc.)

  4. Lisa says:

    mine is named, she is Emma. She is a single treadle, double drive wheel, and Kromski and Ashford both use string, not a belt. Quite honestly, she looks similar to my Lendrum, clean lines and lovely finish.

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