Knitting on the go…

Well the knitting on the treadmill is continueing. I have now worked out how to download knitting podcasts onto my MP3 player so that makes it even more interesting.
I have done a further 2 miles on Saturday and 2 more today.
My Niece Emma’s pink socks are now finished, just the toes to kitchener.
I have started the 2nd one for my nephew Thomas in lime green, that is what I have been knitting on the go today.
I am pleased with Emma’s sock as I have tried something new to me. I did an Eye Of Partridge heel with Garter stitch edging. I also did Eye of Partridge on the toe and I am very pleased with the effect of both.
The wool is very pale pink. Bought yet again on a cone from a charity shop with no label on it but it burns like wool, into ash. These socks are sooo soft I am half tempted to keep them myself. I will post pitures of them tomorrow.
I must also make a Christmas list of things to knit.

I also think I may have lost some weight….according to the scales I have but I thought I would give them until tomorrow to change their mind.
I will also weigh in tomorrow and hopefully I can put lb’s lost down the sidebar for once.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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