Finished things.

Thanks to waking up feeling dreadful yesterday I managed to finish my 2nd Forest Canopy.
I will admit that the drama queen in me came out just ever so slightly as I knew I would be told to sit and rest….well I wanted FC finished.
This one will be going in the Christmas box as I have kept the 1st one and I plan to keep the next one which will be done in the grey wool further down this page.
It is blocking at this moment on my boards in the room.
I hope that it blocks ok.
I don’t know for sure that this is actually wool. I bought a big cone while we were away in Filey earlier in the year. There is no markings on it. I did set a little alight and it turned to ash which is a good sign as apparently acrylic just goes hard.
Heres hoping….I will know tomorrow once it is dry.

I have also finished the plain socks that I was working on. Sock mojo is back!!!!!
I really enjoyed these ones. They are in the James C Brett Acrylic that I have used for socks before but these are pink colours. They are really warm when worn. I used the heel turning that I learnt with the Fawkes socks as I thought that less decreasing rows would use less wool.

More good news…. I have cast on the 2nd Fawkes sock. I am 2 repeats down the leg and all is well so far.
I am going to cast on another plain sock to work on in the times when I am too tired to follow a pattern.

Also another FC will be cast on later this week.
I have also to order sock wool for the socks I have been requested to make for Christmas.

Photos to follow tomorrow……


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