I have been on the treadmill this morning and the cross trainer.
I just did a mile on each….that was enough but it is a start or should I say restart.
Since my friend and I decided we were going to lose some weight I have gained 9 lb by not doing anything different to before. I think my body hears diet and collects all the fat it can.
Well now I am not going to obsess about my weight anymore, just get fitter.
I know I can do it. I got down to 9 st 3 lb for our wedding last year and have managed ( quite easily ) to gain it back plus more. Now 11 st 12 lb which is bigger than I was before I started last year. Funnily enough though I am still smaller in size than before I started last year.
So I am going to try to eat healthier, aaahhhh it could be the Baileys Cheesecakes and Hot chocolates I have been going out for occasionally now son is at school full time. (naughty me!!!! but so yummy).
Any way now I have put it on here I might stick to it. I know I could lose quite abit if I keep up to it. Wish me luck!!!!

I did come up with the idea of walking on the treadmill while knitting a sock to see how many miles it would take. If anyone would like to see me do that leave a comment, you could also guess the mileage….just for leg and foot. Cuff, heel and toe will be done sitting for safety reasons.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to Yipee!!!

  1. monique says:

    it’s such a pity that those things that taste so good are not good for our weight…..I’m sure that you can loose some weight when you live healthy and do exercises.So your knitting a sock and walking on the treadmill on the same time.I wish that I could do that too, I guess all Imwill do is fall Ü.I’m wishing you lots of luck.

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