Well unfortuntely I have had to cut the wool.
It seems to be winding ok by hand though, once I hav eit in a ball I will connect and finish on the ball winder.
Hopefully my friend Ruth who taught me to knit will possibly be calling tomorrow. ( she comes most days for a cuppa and a natter). Ruth loves doing things like this so I am leaving it tonight in the hope that she will finish it. I have about a quarter rolled now.
It really is soft.
I have another Hopscotch and a Birthday to wind yet though and I am feeling slightly apprehensive.
I know it isn’t the wool….it is me. Everything knitting wise has gone wrong this weekend. I feel very stressed and anxious, for no reason. Thats in general not just over wool…hahahaha. I’m even blowing lighbulbs when I turn the lights on. Hubby says I am costing a fortune in bulbs.

My Christmas around the World swap pal has been snooping on here. ‘I have a stalker’
Apparently their name is *swappie mcelf*. I am looking forward to getting to know *mcelf* better. Hello again.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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2 Responses to Update.

  1. Aknita says:

    I’m sorry you got in such a tangle. Yarnyard yarn is LOVELY – and the merino/tencel especially has a beautiful sheen to it.If you were thinking of knitting an FCS with it watch the meterage – you may not have enouh for all the pattern repeats

  2. TRACEY. says:

    I am planning to knit an FCS. I was test knitting it for Natalie at the yarnyard to see if it could be done with 1 skien.I have 2 so I am planning to get to the 10th repeat, put in a lifeline to see if there is enough in 1 to do the border.Then I was planning to rip back and continue with both skiens.I have found though that this yarn doesn’t like alot of touching.It is absolutely beautiful to touch though.

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