I hate socks….

Or to be more precise FAWKES!!!!!
The first sock knitted up like a dream, so easy to do I loved it. I planned to make many more for Christmas gifts.
The second is a demon. I have made sooooo many mistakes in it. I hate it!!!! As the socks were for me I decided I could live with the first couple of mistakes as only I would know they were there. Now I have a totally obvious mistake halfway down the foot that I bet even hubby could spot.
How can I use a row counter and still duplicate 2 or maybe 4 rows????

It doesn’t help that my copy of SKS came yesterday and I truly want to knit some of the gorgeous socks found in this sock bible. To justify my purchase I sat with it last night making comments such as ‘oh, I’ve been doing that wrong’ and ‘wow I never knew that’ and showing hubby the table that gives the sizes and amount of cast on stitches for every sized foot imaginable. Don’t think it worked…hubby still thinks I’m mad.

I so want to knit a pattern in there that is for toe up socks. Not liking these and being a definate cuff down heel flap girl I decided to knit the pattern upside down from the cuff. It’s a 12 stitch repeat done on 48 or 72 stitches. I always do my socks on 60 stitches if possible and theres no way 48 will fit me. 72 I fear will be way too big. I may have to conquer my fear of toe up so at least I can try them on for size a few repeats in instead of having to work all the leg, heel and gusset before trying.
As Fawkes are in the naughty corner until I decide their fate it might be good to learn a new skill.
Elfines which are also on my list to do are also worked toe up.
I will have to give it a try I think.


About Tracey.

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