School Fair.

I have decided not to do the school fair this year.
I have done it before when I made cards and I don’t think that craft things tend to sell well at schools.
I have some jewellery I could have taken and some knitted items, scarves dishcloths etc but I know that I would end up pricing on the low side so I could sell.
i am not prepared to do that after the time taken to make them. I would much rather keep them and give them away at Christmas.
I have sold 2 scarves today cheaply though to a friend to use as gifts. Fancy eyelash scarves that I made last year and they have just been sat in a box since. Another lady at school showed an interest in them so maybe it could lead to more sales.
Plus a friend of ours is a bridesmaid today and the bride and both bridesmaids are wearing tiaras designed and made by me.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to School Fair.

  1. Jo028 says:

    Thanks for posting on my blog:) Your socks are great. I don’t envy you with potential orders of fluffy scarves aaaarrrghhhh! I sold loads of dirt cheap so I can avoid the usual Post office order this yr 🙂

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