Half a pair…..

Another sock made from Acrylic!!!
I just loved the colour of this and it screamed sock to me.
This is a bigger version of the one I was trying earlier. I used 63 stitches on this. The other where I used 54 stitches will sadly have to be frogged.
This has been sat in the knitting bag for nearly a week just waiting to be kitchenered. I think I was abit afraid that once that was done and the cuff sewn up it wouldn’t fit me so I kept putting the job off. Luckily it fits so I already have it’s partner on the needle and I am halfway down the leg.

My FC shawl has been put on a back burner for now too. I am up to 7 pattern repeats but I know I am not in the right mood for it and will probably make mistakes.

Really should be starting to knit for Christmas, plus I have been asked if I’d like a stall on the Autumn Fair at my sons school on October 6th. I can have anything I like on it, hand made cards, soap, jewellery and knitting. I still haven’t made up my mind yet. I should really be sorting through stock ( might look this weekend ). Hubby who usually thinks these things are a waste of time keeps asking if I’m doing it….hmmm maybe he thinks it will give more house room. I’m undecided as I’ve done 1 at the school before plus 1 at the summer fair and I find that although people do like my stock they aren’t prepared to pay the prices as it’s a school fair. I will think it over this weekend. I do know that I have a boxful of eyelash scarves that I made last year when I first started knitting.


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3 Responses to Half a pair…..

  1. What lovely socks ( sock ? ) , which pattern is it ? Dotty at Yarn Floozies , is having a sock competition at the moment to win all sorts of goodies , Thanks for visiting my blog ,Ronnie

  2. That’s a pretty sock! :)You’re right about people not wanting to pay the worth of hand-knits. Someone was admiring my socks one day, and said they’d be willing to pay $15 for a similar pair. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that wouldn’t even cover the cost of the yarn, let alone my time!

  3. Viknits says:

    I love your socks, they’re scrummy! I can’t waer acrylic socks as they make my feet sweat copiously!! 😦 It’s totally true that non crafty people often have no idea just how much a handknit is worth. It’s a good job it’s a hobby not a living because we’d be struggling if it was to be honest!Vikki

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