Treat time.

As I’ve hit a milestone with 20 pairs finished I thought I would treat myself and try something a little more challenging.
Then I found a lovely lacy pattern in the stitch library of Simply Knitting magazine. ( Sept issue ).
As the pattern is a 9 stitch repeat I had to decide whether to use 54 or 63 stitches. I went for 54 so the lace would ( hopefully ) show up better.
After 1 pattern repeat I had to transfer to DPN’s as my 30cm circ could not cope with the loss of 6 stitches. All my socks are usually based on 60 stitches.
Up to date all seems to be going well. Alot slower on Dpn’s but hoping I will get faster.
The only worry I have is whether I can get a cuff of 54 stitches over my ankle. If not they will be in the Christmas box for my niece.

The Diagonale shawl is still in progress too. I am now up to 3 pattern repeats so a third of the way through.


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One Response to Treat time.

  1. Deb says:

    I really like these. I have quite a few issues of Simply Knitting but usually can’t spend less than $30 to get one with the shipping on eBay. I love the magazine though. Too ridiculous of a price for us Americans to subscribe ($100)to it though. i wish it was a little more reasonable! I guess I will need to try to get this issue for sure!

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