Guess what….more socks.

These socks are just a plain pattern.
What makes them extra special is that I dyed the wool for them.
It is varying strengths of purple and blue Kool Aid dye.
I am really pleased with the effect it gave once knitted up.
I have another 4 hanks to dye so I am really excited about that and creating totally unique socks.
I was worried I might run out of wool while knitting the second sock but only just had enough so I will make the legs slightly shorter next time to save the panic.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to Guess what….more socks.

  1. Ruth Fryman says:

    Hi tracey,love your socks. i love dying with Kool Aid its such fun although I’ve recently tried dying with ‘grown up’ dyes! Which is also fun but you have to have all seperate pots coz its acid dyes. what I like about Kool aid is that its food so you can uae your household pots.Like your blog BTW

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