100% Silk socks for ME!!!!!!!!

These are all mine!

Selfish I know.

I have also done these differently. I did 3 rows of garter stitch ( 60 stitches ) with scrap yarn and then transferred onto 2.5mm circ with the silk. I then put a lifeline in and removed the scrap yarn. The idea being that I can work round the heel to the toe and then ( hopefully ) pick the stitches up again and work up the leg and finish at the rib.

I hope this works as I do have a tendancy to worry if I’ll run out of yarn bafore the toe and therefore I make the legs shorter than I really want to.
It’s Jaeger 100% silk, 4 ply in SH139, It’s a beautiful grape colour. It was £3 for a 50g ball in Filey so I snapped up 2 balls. I’m really regretting not getting the other 2 she had as it is so soft.
Anyhow this is as far as I have got . I am really enjoying using this.
Definate lounge on the sofa socks……these will never see the inside of a pair of shoes.


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to 100% Silk socks for ME!!!!!!!!

  1. Lovely! Nothing like a bit of decadence! :DSilk is a lot more hardwearing than you might imagine, but I’m not sure I’d shove these socks into shoes either.

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