I’m back!!

Well this funnily enough feels right.

After being seduced by the lovely lace on AY I’ve knit like a bat out of hell this week.

Admitted defeat about an hour ago and realised that cozy would not be finished in time i’ve got to 45″ but want it at least 70″ and I don’t even know if I’ll use it.
so I’ve restarted on Keiths socks that I promised would be finished for Filey. ( not that he’s allowed to wear them with shoes….)

As soon as I started knitting the lovely sock again, (strange to go back to 2.5 needles after using 6.5) I felt really strange…realised I was happy.

Sock knitting is obviously where I’m supposed to be….I’m home!

This is a doable project for Friday (unlike cozy).

Plus it will be nice to finish something for him as he is so used to seeing me start and not finish. Boy is he going to be surprised!!

Here they are now……….Watch this space!!


About Tracey.

I craft, any craft will do.
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One Response to I’m back!!

  1. Anni says:

    Nice looking socks. Good luckwith getting it done on time. Love the Cozy too.

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